Speaker Request

Dr. Hess is a board-certified Pediatrician, child safety expert, speaker, and mother who is ready to speak to professionals, organizations, parents, and/or children of all ages about the dangers and risks children face in this ever-changing world. Her down-to-earth personality makes for a friendly, relaxed, and non-judgmental educational experience for small and large groups alike.

Topics can include child-safety related issues that would be beneficial to the attendees and can be individualized according to the group’s needs and interests, including:

  • Social media, Online Games and App Safety
  • Gun Safety at Home, School and Play Dates
  • Drugs & Juuls In Schools
  • Infant safety
  • Household and playground safety
  • Internet safety
  • Bullying and Cyberbullying
  • and more

You can expect Dr. Hess to deliver evidence-based information right along side real-world examples and lessons shared with her by parents and children from all walks of life. Interactive discussions are highly encouraged.

Please contact Dr. Hess to start the child safety conversation with your group: