By Inaaya Firoz age 11

The Victim

Their mean words cutting through my skin
Their cackling laughs making it seem like they’ll win
Their taunting is haunting
Should I say
Or should I pray
To be saved
You’ll be sorry
They say
I am helpless you see
From the bullies
Who are filled with glee
For winning
While smirking and grinning
Others have been hurt
But their voices haven’t been heard
Big fat words
Like tears
Your fears
Your Brain whispers
But how
And right now
I can’t

The Bully

Why is she sad
It’s just some words
Come on we were just playing around
You can fly like a bird
Don’t act refined
We will try to be kind
You haven’t she says
I know but we try
Sure she sobs out
While starting to shout
Mean words come out of my mouth
I really just don’t know how
She’s such a baby
She needs to stop being crazy
It’s just a word
It can’t be that bad
Why is she always acting so sad
We are just having fun with her
But these past few days have gone by in a blur
Maybe I have been a bully
But it isn’t that worse
Then using a curse
That is not what victims have said she uttered
Victims ? oh please
I roll my eyes
Oh what a surprise
Of course there’s a tattletale