By Hannah Welch, Age 9

Someone told me that kindness will never help anyone achieve something in life…well they might just be a little right, but unfortunately they were also wrong.

When you do something kind you get a little feeling inside, something that makes you feel good. When you do something rude, you most likely feel guilty.

Now I am going to tell you a story of someone who made a big mistake.

There was a girl named Katie she was having a hard time with school work and got a C- in algebra and was a little off the top with frustration when she sat down to eat lunch with her best friend, Madison, who was starting to brag about her grades and all her A’s.

Katie got mad so she yelled “Why do you always have to be so perfect in every way and have to have everyone know it? And if you can’t just say one word about me or my day, or even just don’t say a word about yourself…then maybe we could be friends!” Katie sat up and went to sit at a different table. Madison quietly said sorry and then started sobbing.

By the end of the day the ball of guilt inside Katie was so big that she just had to go say sorry, but it was too late, Madison was about to leave and already starting to make new friends.

The next day Katie went to Madison and she explained what was going on and said sorry, Madison forgave her and told her why she was hanging out with the other girls, because she needed a friend just as good as Katie, but no one was as funny.

In the end everyone was happy.

Now I hope you know what the word KIND means.