By Ebrahim, Age 9

My bullying experience started when I moved from Pearland to Bellaire. I was actually excited going to a new school!!! But when I sat in the front office there was a bully gang. Lucky me, I didn’t go to their homeroom. So, when it was recess there was that bully gang over in the right corner they came right to me and said, “look at that stupid new kid”, said the leader of the gang. They all laughed and laughed. I got so angry. Then, the next day came. The bullies came again and I pushed them so they started telling on me. But, I told the teacher what they did yesterday. Then the teacher gave them study hall for one month. But they got better after one month. They threw a rock at my private part!! I told the teacher and then they got one month of study hall again.

This spring I told my mom if I could go to a summer camp. She signed me up for the soccer camp. I’m good at soccer but not as good as those kids at the soccer camp. Some kids said, “hey nice socks”. I thought it was not a bad thing at first. Then, practice started and the same kid said, “shut up you stupid idiot”. I got angry and told my mom that the kid said, “shut up you stupid idiot”. So, my mom asked him. He said, “I didn’t say shut up you stupid idiot”. Then I proved it. His nanny asked him to say sorry and he looked down and said, “sorry”. He did the worst thing ever and then I didn’t want to play soccer.

*** Ebrahim’s mother is hoping that children sharing their stories will help more moms of different backgrounds to feel OK to speak up and stand by their children. Have a story to share? Submit it here

Ebrahim letter

Ebrahim letter


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