#YouTubeWakeUp, #ProtectOurKids

By Dr. Free N. Hess

EDITED: Another win for the PediMom Village. We were successful in getting this cartoon pulled from YouTube just like the last one. My recording of it is still able to be viewed below. The second video is from YouTube Kids. It has been added to show that this exact cartoon was indeed found on the children’s app. 

Seven months ago a concerned mother alerted me to a cartoon on YouTube Kids that had a clip of a man spliced in showing how to properly slit their wrists. She noticed it while sitting with her young child trying to stop his nosebleed. This mother shared her story here. With a significant amount of effort we were able to get that cartoon pulled from YouTube Kids.

But there are more.

Just yesterday I was alerted to yet ANOTHER cartoon with the same clip spliced in at 4.44. This time the cartoon is on YouTube, not YouTube Kids. In looking back at the comments it appears that people began reporting this video approximately 8 months ago, yet it is still able to be viewed.  

This is not OK.

It was also found on YouTube Kids. Below is the recording from the children’s app.

YouTube Kids Video

Click on the video below to go directly to the video on YouTube and report. As of the time of this publication the video is still up despite hundreds of reports. The offending clip is at 4.44.NOTE: The video has been removed from YouTube!

Exposure to videos, photos, and other self-harm and suicidal promoting content is a huge problem that our children are facing today. Suicide is the SECOND leading cause of death in individuals between the ages of 10 and 34 and the numbers of children exhibiting some form of self-harm is growing rapidly. In a nationwide survey of high school students in the US 16% of students stated they had seriously considered suicide, 13% admitted to creating a plan, and 8% admitted to attempting suicide at some point in the 12 months prior to the survey. Every year 157,000 young people between the ages of 10 and 24 present to Emergency Departments for self-inflicted injuries and/or suicide attempts.

Many experts believe that access to self-harm and suicide promoting content is making the situation worse. There have been several recent reports of teens commiting suicide after viewing self-harm and suicide material online and on social media platforms. More and more researchers are starting to look into how access to this type of material is linked to self-harm and suicide in adolescents. One such study has just been commissioned and will hopefully give us some good insight into this issue.

But we have to start doing something NOW and we should start by educating ourselves, educating our children, and speaking up when we see something that is dangerous for our children. We also need to fight to have the developers of social media platforms held responsible when they do not assure that age restrictions are followed and when they do not remove inappropriate and/or dangerous material when reported. 

We need to all work together to #ProtectOurKids and let them know that #ParentsDemandAction!

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      • Hello I am a 13 year boy who know that man never agreed to be in it. That man is George miller, aka Filthy Frank. He was a youtuber who did edgy videos but he never ever wanted to do harm. I watch his videos and he didn’t tell us to kill ourself he had edgy humor. He quit youtube when youtube was going “family friendly” but he did want to cause harm. Thank u dr.

    • I think anyone suggesting that something like this is akin to a kid finding Comedy Central on tv and (For the sake of argument) watching a South Park episode. Virtually any one in my age group will tell you that watching Comedy Central covertly as little kids was basically a national pasttime. It has nothing to do with obscene material or parents not supervising well enough (Especially since it was on YouTube’s kids section). This wasn’t some animated comedy show that was strictly meant for a mature audience that kids happened to stumble upon. This is just absolutely disturbing. The worst part, in my opinion is evidenced by the quality of this animation; the sole purpose wasn’t to entertain, but to introduce the “normalcy” of suicide in an incredibly disturbing way. I get that this creepy dude does adult comedy, and uses an adult platform is owed the presumption of innocence. But, I really want to know who is behind this. You’re telling me that the person/people who decided to create this material just randomly plucked a portion of this dude’s bit from a satirical video he did? It is beyond unsettling. Since I’ve only seen this part, I’m assuming it was meant to be part of an adult comedy skit.. Could have fooled me, though. I can’t say enough about how creepy this looked including the part where he says “End it”.

        • This was from a youtuber known for making… well I guess “adult comedy” is a pretty accurate thing to call it. Very bizarre thing to see in kids’ content nonetheless, I’m guessing it was some prank pulled by the uploader.

    • I appreciate FilthyFrank. I don’t appreciate him being spliced into a children’s cartoon, on a children’s app.

    • Hi, I am a mom of 3 boys ages 12, 10 and 8. In the last couple weeks they have all started talking about every touchy subject in such a careless, joking matter and truly laughing about it. Like rape, murder and suicide. Then shortly after the never ending jokes came disrespect in the way they would talk to me which carried on to pretty much every adult they come into contact with now. Now they are having non stop fist fights and wrestling, avid rebellion, major mood swings and worst of all, I just got home with my 8 year old from the hospital for trying to hurt himself after telling his brother he was going to commit suicide. I literally had to wrap my arms and legs around my son to stop him from punching his own face for 30 minutes. He would be so angry he would just have tears dropping then get lethargic and once reached for a weapon. He is 8. Where do I sign up to put YouTube Kids, Roblox and any other app that not only teaches them these actions and rewards them for it, but they also allow them to interact with and friend ANYBODY. My husband was able to set up an account with no email address and put he was 38 yrs old and Roblox LET HIM FRIEND MY 8 YEAR OLD SON!! never even asking permission or notifying me. I even have Family Link through Google. And if you havent heard of MoMo…. God Bless America, google it. This thing by far needs to be stopped. It will bypass parental locks freeing them to unlimited searching and data. Then have them add contact phone number. Then sends your child text messages with tasks. Violent tasks. Causing harm to themselves, family and friends. 155 deaths from Momo in Russia and now has spread to America but no definite links here. I thought this could have been what was causing the changes in my children but there is nothing but youtube videos and violent games and Jeffey. Which I despise the makers of that show to. How dare them. I have ran a small test. To see the amount of positive learning material vs negative that pops up with varieties to keep them interested and unless they like monotone documentaries or toddler learning shows there is not much to chose from. But death and suicide literature can be watched with variety for over 12 hrs. And I only searched for 5 minutes. Where did the love of our next generation go. How do so many people let this go on. If what I say makes you mad so be it. My 8 year old should not be experiencing these emotions. He should be learning the animals deal in the ocean. Or how to free Willie. Or pretending he’s Aladdin with 3 wishes.

    • if you dont want your kids watching disturbing content then why aren’t you having them use youtube kids? youtube is a “mature” website, whats next? going after porn sites for being pornographic?

      • As stated in my other blog posts these things are found on YouTube Kids as well, including this very cartoon. That is the problem.

      • Buddy, seriously..if you’re going to have an opinion, wouldnt it be great if it was an INFORMED OPINION? Thank you so much,Dr. Free for doing what you’re doing. It means a lot to me to have someone helping me understand this stuff. My girlfriend has a 4 year old son and I’m fully involved in his life so I’m forever grateful for any tips that’ll help us keep him safe. There really are some sick twisted people in the world. Keep up the amazing work!

          • Look, children should not be on YouTube without adult supervision. If they were on there without any supervision, that’s the fault of the parent. Unlike TV, which has Guidence Ratings, the Internet has no such thing for internet videos; only games made by official companies (and no flash games don’t count). People usually do Gmod stuff to fiddle around with what goes on in their head, but I say the suicide joke is what is considered not appropriate, on account of the green screened Filthy Frank clip. If you want to find something your kid should enjoy, just don’t go to YouTube; Teenagers go there anyways.

      • YouTube kids is is not supposed to be mature content – hence it is their ‘kids’ version that is supposedly monitored and controlled, but as Dr Hess has revealed, there are sick and awful people who will do anything to harm kids. Rather than blame parents for letting their kids watch a channel meant for kids, how about be upset by the content?

        • I’d blame it on YouTube for not thinking through on it, when the thumbnails on the ElsaGate videos were completely misleading.

      • I see what you’re doing Stephen. Although you think trolling is a wonderful artform, doing so to concerned parents and those with a medical degree is quite stupid. How long has it been since you left your house? Have you had a shower this week? I hate to be a parent to you but I think it’s necessary so you can understand how manners and civility works.

      • Stephen, you tube kids is a “mature,” site? Are you saying that kids are mature? should see mature content? do you also see kids as mature in other ways? I hope not but after a comment like that I wouldn’t be surprised especially that you tie childrens entertainment to your pornographic likings. Grow up, you know exactly what problem here is with this content and you can’t blame parents for allowing them to watch the KIDS version of YouTube. Not even YouTube can perfectly control when these sick people (like in this video), are splicing this content into kids cartoons. This guy in the video needs to be found, investigated and justified for this sort of sick action. Let’s not get off the point here.

      • Did you watch or read? It was on a children’s cartoons as well as YouTube kids. So no matter what parental controls you put on your apps because it was on inappropriately aged show your child would see it.

      • I agree with you. If you don’t want to risk your kids to seeing this stuff and exposing them to this, than 1) pre watch the whole video and make sure it doesn’t have anything or 2) don’t let them have access to YouTube/YouTube Kids.

      • youtube is a mature website, why are you complaining about nasty things in youtube videos yet you’re not using youtube kids? this is the parents fault, they got some poor kids sfm video that he probably worked on for like a month.

        • Freaking brain-dead…it is on youtube kids! Read the article before you post…and read the replies to your posts. You are making an ass out of yourself.

        • Stephen, you are oblivious. If you would actually READ the comments responding to you, you’d notice that these videos ARE found on YouTube Kids. Get a clue.

          • The second video in the article specifically says that it was found on youtube not youtube kids “Just yesterday I was alerted to yet ANOTHER cartoon with the same clip spliced in at 4.44. This time the cartoon is on YouTube, not YouTube Kids.” maybe you should read the article. It is not youtubes job to parent your kids. You are not owed anything from them.

        • It has been said multiple times bruh, the CONTENT was on YOUTUBEKIDS!!!!! Not rocket science to actually read something before you put your ignorant two cents in. In this case there’s obviously no sense anywhere! Good luck to the poor children growing up today.

  1. Omg! This makes me furious! I can feel my blood pressure rising! Unbelievable! How evil can an adult be to innocent children!?! This makes me sick! They can test it out themselves! I’m so mad!

    • Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I’ve just put out another call to action to report. How did you come across this one?

          • That’s only because YouTube is taking notice, listening to us and deleting the content on Kids version. We can’t help if they go to regular YouTube where yes, parents should be incredibly cautious about letting them watch regular YouTube.

          • It’s edited into a children’s cartoon which is suitable for children. YouTube parental controls will not block this because it is appropriate for children but was edited. Please comprehend what is going on before you comment

      • Stephen, even YouTube has its rules and this program is for kids. Not all content caters to mature audiences. I’m sorry you are not capable of seeing the problem here and hope that view changes.

  2. This guy in the video, has he been reported or contacted by the police or anybody ? I haven’t heard of this in my grandchildren watch YouTube. Shame on YouTube for not taking it down on the first report this is horrible

    • No he didn’t the video you see he’s a YouTube Creator who is who’s very edgy and made green screen pack for everyone that use. He did nothing wrong do not report him

    • The guy in the video is an actor/musician and this clip is from an adult skit he did years ago. But the fact that someone is posting that skit in the middle of a children’s video is messed up. It’ll be be almost impossible to trace the actual perpetrators.

    • I am not disclosing his name but this wasn’t his fault, someone has taken his (the one in the video) content which is 18+ and implemented it into a child’s video.

    • Guy in the video is a popular YouTube comedian Papa Franku. I doubt that this is his work though, his channel and content is specifically for mature audiences on regular YouTube. The person who uploaded that cartoon is most likely responsible for splicing that scene into the video. The fact that it was reuploaded after each deletion means that that person revels in their anonymity. The only way to stop him is to get YouTube to track their location, each time they upload.

      • I didn’t know that thank you. So it’s not the guy in the video (although it is kind of messed up regardless). I think you are right, You Tube should responsibly trace location and I.P address (which they can), and turn this into the local authorities for investigation. You never know just how deep this person’s involvement in crime could be.

        • It doesn’t work like that. It’s pretty likely this person was using a VPN, so their IP address would be disguised/the displayed IP address would be fake.

    • Okay, first off, the guy that’s in the video, didn’t MAKE the video, some guy just took the clip of him saying that on his own 18+ channel where he uses dark humor all the time, and implemented it in a cartoon video. I get that showing that to kids is wrong, but don’t go after the guy that did nothing, lol. Go after the channel who posted it.

    • i dont know if you knew this but youtube is a mature website, where swearing happens, have them use youtube kids if you dont want them to see mature stuff.

      • Are u a robot? Cause u clearly are just writing random comments and not reading ANYTHING. Part of this whole thing? Jerk?

      • A better solution is to just stop letting their children use youtube, or just let the parents take responsibility for what their children watch instead of blaming the site. it’s not that hard for a 7-10-year-old child to switch from Youtube Kids to Youtube ya’know.

        • If you continue to read before you comment then you’d see that it is on YouTube Kids as well. But you didn’t.

        • Omg how many times are you going to repeat yourself…what an incredible moron you are. It clearly states, these cartoons were found on the YouTube KIDS app. See that? KIDS APP. For children.

        • Dude seriously. The video was posted to YouTube kids! That’s where they found it, you motive kids! YouTube kids YouTube kids. Read you idiot’

        • Yes it is on YouTube but it is on a show that is appropriate for young children. I’m not sure what part of that you are not understanding. Not all of YouTube is for adults there are parental controls so that children can watch children shows on YouTube and this is one of them but it was edited.

    • As a matter of fact I do understand a meme. As per the Oxford Dictionary, a meme is a humorous image, video, piece of text, etc., that is copied (often with slight variations) and spread rapidly by Internet users. This isn’t a meme and this type of content should not be circulating, especially to children. Thanks for prompting me to educate my audience about the definition of a meme though. I’m all about education.

      • The description you provided would be accurate in 2007. The man who appeared in this video, Filthy Frank is a classic internet culture icon that is, by all accounts, a meme. He has been memed for a long time, appearing in countless youtube videos. A more modern definition of a meme can be found here though: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_meme

        • Actually I’m A Pediatrician and extremely pro-vaccine, but thank you for your insightful and educational comment. #VaccinesWork #VaccinesSaveLives #VaccinesCauseAdults

      • Clearly you don’t understand how a child’s mind works and how impressionable they can be. Their brains are not fully developed and hence can not sort through the complexities of this sort of content like adults can.

    • Bro…she just burned the hell out of you.
      I’m going to take guess you don’t have any kids for saying that.

  3. I think it’s more YouTube’s fault than anything else, creators deserve the right to express themselves whether you think it’s right or wrong but some content clearly doesn’t belong on YouTube kids, which is meant to be a currated app for kids from what I understand. What do you think about what I have to say?

    • Exactly, it’s just been bad decision after bad decision on YouTube’s side and their moderation algorithms have the brain capacity of a fetus after two years. I saw another comment mentioning that most kids will have no problems with watching the same handful of videos over and over so it shouldn’t be that hard to handpick.

  4. I’ll consider signing up for Bark, but it doesn’t seem to monitor YouTube. It’s a service that monitors social media accounts; signing up for Bark won’t prevent your kids from seeing videos like this one.

  5. If an ambiguous clip from a comedy channel is enough to push someone to suicide then maybe we should focus on the real issue at hand. Obviously the child (or person) has additional problems going on in their life that lead up to it. Perhaps the parents of pedimom should start worrying themselves with that instead of looking for something to blame that doesn’t deserve it. If I jump in front of a train is it the trains fault for being there?

    • Clearly you don’t understand how a child’s mind works and how impressionable they can be. Their brains are not fully developed and hence can not sort through the complexities of this sort of content like adults can.

      • It’s almost as if parents should be responsible for the content they let their kids watch on the internet and how these kids interact with said content. No one is screaming that “I FOUND MY KID WATCHING HARDCORE PORN” and they get a CNN new article about it. You’re creating a social outrage over a problem that really boils down to how you raise your kids, how you talk to them and introduce them to memes and the internet, and how you manage their individual time on the internet? All the parents that are outraged over this, this is why your children look at you like you’re mentally handicapped as you freak out over memes and lose respect for you.

        • I agree with a lot of your comment. A parent choosing what their kids watch would fix this, its just not realistic. There are millions of parents/guardians who have come to see Youtube Kids as a safe way to entertain their children. Most probably haven’t even heard of disturbing content making its way to Youtube Kids. If you think about it that way, its easier to see why people are passionate about this. Youtube has a lot of problems but the biggest is letting people/bots upload seriously inappropriate content to a platform that is advertised as “safe” for children.

          I agree that parents should talk to their kids about what’s on the internet but a lot of the kids watching Youtube are so young, they won’t understand. They only see and hear disturbing messages.

      • Clearly *you* are missing the point. It’s not about kids being impressionable, it’s about parents letting kids hide from the world because they might get their feelings hurt. Just as the comment above me said, becoming hostile and angry towards anything that isn’t a carefully crafted video about the color blue. An underdeveloped brain does not equate to a lack of understanding. Can it be a factor? Certainly, but it’s clear by your comments that age can have little to do with one’s ability to understand and reason.

      • I agree with Kodi. I talk to my daughter about everything, even topics some consider taboo. But if she asks ill talk it out with her. I refuse to hide her from the real world.

  6. @Doger This is not a meme and apparently you don’t know where punctuation belongs. Your types of comment should help promote the use of condoms.

    If teenagers are eating laundry detergent and setting themselves on fire when they should know better, the children watching these cartoons won’t know the difference and innocently may off themselves.

    You are a class A1 idiot for considering this a meme.

  7. Just so you moms know, YouTube is not a place you should have your kids watching cartoons on. Especially very sketchy, oddly animated movies like that. Make sure the channels you use have high subscriber counts, at least over 500,000. The higher the sub count, the more reliable the video will be. If you even have your kids watch content on YouTube at all. The safest thing is to just let your kids watch REAL cartoons you can find on tv. I don’t even understand the logic behind using YouTube for your young children.

    • Unfortunately many of these types of videos can be found on YouTube Kids which is intended for kids 8 and under. I do agree with you about YouTube itself though. Kids should not be watching YouTube.

      • Could you consider making the focus of your campaign to have parents keep their children off youtube? It is ridiculous to try and censor a random person from making videos intended for older audiences on a platform inherently designed to support whatever people want to make. Parents who don’t want their children seeing this sort of thing should consider that youtube is a malleable, changing platform that has a worldwide audience of various people posting content, and just about anything can be found on the site. Expecting to change a massive corporation struggiling to support itself under it’s own weight is unresonable and inconsiderate- YouTube is not a platform for children. Those who can’t find it on their own should not be on the site.

        • These inappropriate things, and this cartoon specifically, are on YouTube Kids as well, a platform that advertises to be for kids 8 and under. That ia a problem.

          • Oh yeah it’s not like other channels who swear or make edgy content are over 500k. The channel who initially made the clip has a sub count of over 6M. So, yeah.

        • I do agree that kids don’t need to be on YouTube, but these sickos are TARGETING children with these “cartoons” on a children’s app. Not ok & yes, they should be held responsible. They didn’t splice a 5 second clip in the middle of a kids cartoon for adults to watch.

  8. This is disgusting. I’ve seen reports on something called Momo circulating YT kids in Europe. Praying it doesn’t reach the US.. but will not be surprised when it does. It’s so sad this is happening. People are so twisted and perverted that kids can’t just be kids anymore. I’m truly scared for my child (and all other children!), even though he’s too young to understand this. I’m sure things will just get worse as he grows.

  9. Let me provide some backstory to this, as I am a fan of the video game shown there and have watched the videos from the man shown in the video. The man originates from a green screen video he created that could be used for people’s memes. The same guy is known for edgy humor, and he makes it clear that his content is not for kids.

    The Splatoon video (the one with the cartoon squid) was created by a fan of the Splatoon video game, and he/she is apart of a community who makes videos featuring characters from the game that they import into another game called Garry’s Mod. They are known to include many popular edgy internet memes into these videos. These people also make it clear that some of their videos are not intended for children.

    If you don’t want your children to watch these videos, then stop using the YouTube intended for older viewers, and maybe try the YouTube Kids alternative.

    • Cameron, YouTube Kids is a completely separate App intended for kids 8 and under and like any other material for that age group, parents are told that material is safe. It would be like if your kids turned on a cartoon channel and something like this popped up in the middle of an episode. Point is it shouldnt have ever made it to YouTube Kids – and there’s more where this came from. YouTube by itself is clearly for an older audience, so a parent allowing kids to watch on that platform really has no protections.

      • Youtube Kids use an algorithms to determine which video is an “safe” video, so the guys who made these video didn’t even do anything wrong, it’s just Youtube AI algorithms thinking that the video is made for kid

  10. First the continent question is from a video game called “Splatoon” ( but not from the game) video games have very different appeal. That the animation could have been for adults.

    • If it is intended for adults only then it should not be making it’s way onto a platform that is intended for children such as YouTube Kids, which it has.

      • It’s a big problem that this is on YouTube Kids but not that it is on YouTube. Does YouTube Kids have any way to flag videos as containing adult content?

  11. Thanks to your efforts, this story is now national (I followed the link from CNN to get here). Surely the man in the video will now be identified and prosecuted (I hope). Thank you for pursuing this and protecting our children.

    Warn regards,

  12. Judging by the content of the video before the filthy frank clip, I’d say that the entire video is supposed to be crude and edgy, just like the clip. I don’t think people should run around mass flagging videos for edgy jokes. I’d recommend not letting children on YouTube at all, until they’re older and more mature. And to anyone else perusing this thread, don’t take your anger out on YouTube or any other creator. This whole thing is taken out of context.

  13. Holy it’s filthy frank. I’m not sure why he being edited into these videos but it’s a joke channel not related to these kids cartoons

    • Actually I’m A Pediatrician and extremely pro-vaccine, but thank you for your insightful and educational comment. #VaccinesWork #VaccinesSaveLives #VaccinesCauseAdults

    • This has nothing to do with Bark and everything to do with attempting to keep things that are inappropriate for children off these platforms. A monitoring service, Bark or any of the other great monitoring apps that are out there, is something that all parents should use to help keep their kids as safe as possible online. Parents need all the help they can get.

  14. As a, now adult, who watched the man in question, Filthy Frank, as a teen, I can say that this is appalling that a clip of joji/Frank was deceptively inserted into this cartoon. However, as someone who was entertained by his sarcasm throughout high school, I am concerned this will lead to YouTube doing what YouTube does… Generalizing… And taking down some of Frank’s actual videos. Know that Filthy Frank’s videos and the man who produced this cartoon are two different people. One is wrong, the other is also a possible victim here. But this kind of stuff CANNOT get through YouTube’s content filter again. It’s not right.

  15. I feel like that guy demonstrating should be arrested he is creepy and not funny what he did even if it was originally meant for a sketch video

    • it is not the man some on included his clip in to the cartoon, youtube kids is not the same content as normal youtube

    • I think you should go back and look at what you just said, critically, thru the lens of freedom of speech and expression and then you might see why alot of people are defending the original creator and not the guy who misused his content. I agree this should not appear on ytkids but I would say that anything and I do mean anything including “hate” speech should be allowed on the adult side of the platform and parents should protect their children not coddle them. Just my opinion.

  16. The man who’s image is used in the video is called Filthy Frank. He is a now-retired YouTuber who currently goes by the stage name ‘joji’ and produces his own music. He is a musically talented man with a sarcastic background and a history of doing various sick and dark things for the purposes of entertainment. His videos have been up since 2013 and YouTube doesn’t usually take them down. Clips like the one you see in the video are often used as a meme on the internet, and are never intended for young children to view. His channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/user/TVFilthyFrank. The cartoon itself was NOT created by Filthy Frank. YouTube really needs to get human moderators for YouTube Kids content, instead of relying on algorithms that are inaccurate and miss stuff like this.

  17. here’s my take:
    youtube kids is stupid
    it’s never going to stop being stupid
    you cannot expect youtube’s dumb ai to determine which videos are and aren’t safe for young children
    should it not be the responsibility of the parents to monitor the content that their children are watching?
    and doesn’t it sound like a good idea to NOT expose young children to a site which is absolutely infested with edgy teens/adults?
    and also, doesn’t it seem a bit excessive to get some random stupid splatoon sfm animation removed from youtube because you aren’t good at monitoring the content intake of your child?
    anyways, the biggest problem here is youtube creating a thing called “youtube kids”, which implies that somehow youtube could make their site safe for children, something which is virtually impossible
    they should just trash youtube kids so that nobody else gets confused and thinks that it’s actually safe for their children

    sorry about this silly rant i just felt like expressing my thoughts on the matter

    • You make some really good points that I agree with, but the other side is the good that’s out there on YouTube Kids and the argument that anything else out there – TV, movies, toys – are monitored in some way to ensure proper content for kids. YouTube simply needs to be taking action and more steps to ensure that is the same case with their completely separate platform geared toward youth.

  18. One more thing about Frank/joji:
    I do believe that this clip was in several of Frank’s videos initially but I haven’t ever seen it since. YouTube may have already taken care of that, and people are still probably making use of the clips somehow. Joji/Frank most likely realized that the joke may have gone too far, I’m unsure. Just to inform you guys from my perspective. ?

  19. Just wanted to create this account to say one thing. I know who this guy is. I’ve watched his channel before and I know for a fact that his channel is not intended to be on YouTube kids. I have never seen him post a video of this and he does however post green screen videos of offensive content (like what you saw). My understanding is that another creator has taken this content and put it in this video (cartoon) for people to see. This was either intended for YouTube kids or shouldn’t have shown up on YouTube kids. I’m not saying that it wasn’t I just think that the algorithm slipped up horrificly.

  20. Thank you for this! We have to keep all the social platforms accountable. Plainly blaming an algorithm is not going to work.
    I understand that this is a new challenge for everyone, as there are no laws and regulations for our current Tech era but that doesn’t mean that simple ignorance and deleting videos are the solutions. Like with everything else, monetary fine coupled with imprisonment threat to every YouTuber and/or channel that spreads this kind of content. That means social platforms need to up their game and require more information for Users to upload content (rather than just a valid email address) so that they can track them down and hold them responsible. Can we demand something like that?
    @Dodger, I strongly urge you to educate yourself on how easily impressible little minds are and how destructive this can be. For the sake of your own children (current or future) and children throughout the world

    • The concern is that this has made it’s way on to YouTube Kids which is a platform specifically for kids 8 and under. Anything made for adults should remain on adult platforms.

    • So what you’re saying is that we should impede on the free speech of individuals because they said/made something that made you do a big sad and made you get angry because it was slightly edgy?

      • My guess, Bobis, is you really don’t understand the true definition of fre speech protections. Content, language, etc., are censored all the time because “free speech” is not a blanket protection.

      • This has nothing to do with “free speech”, it’s some insidious weirdos with nefarious intentions targeting children.
        Splicing sick 5 second clips into the middle of kids cartoons & uploading them to a CHILDREN’S app is not ok, & whatever pervert is doing it should be held responsible.

        • The video in this article isn’t even made for kids, its just Youtube AI being stupid and flagged the video as a kids video.

        • YT Kids is just regular YouTube with a big ol’ filter slapped on it, and it’s all automated. It’s been clear for years that their self-learning moderation algorithms are abysmally inaccurate after that same stretch of time. The style/genre of video at hand is somewhat more directed and teens and adults and happened to slip by.

  21. What is sad is Family Guy actually had this exact line (that the guy said) on cable television said by the character Meg. The episode still airs. I believe this guy took the line directly from the show. Thank you for taking action to take this down, it is just sad it will still be said on Fox, TBS, and Adult Swim (on right after Cartoon Network).

  22. With all the money YouTube and Google make.. and YouTube just monetized their site to produce more revenue. They should be PAYING FOR EVERY Bark service fee for everyone that wants the filter. END OF STORY.

    • I like that idea. Although I recently read a comment that said Bark did not monitor YouTube, only social media accounts. Not sure how accurate that is, as I’ve not used Bark.

  23. I recognize that YouTuber. I’ll have to see if I can find his main channel. It seems to me that this should be referred to law enforcement. Has anyone done that? Is it always that same guy?

    P.S. As a protective father, I’m SO glad you are doing this. Thank you! <3

    • He didn’t make that video. That was a character he played and retired a long time ago. The fact that you’re this abhorrently fragile that you think that reporting a man who had nothing to do with the specific video in question to the police is an adequate response, you need to rethink your life. You’re going to mess up your kids when they start getting older and are able to find this content on regular YouTube and you freak out on them, shaming them because they have the audacity to like something edgy.

      His image and words have been, continue to be, and will always be used in memes. To adult YouTube, he’s considered a legend, even though he–again–retired the character so he could move on to a music career (and guess what? He’s wealthy enough to hit someone like you for slander and libel if you keep this up), so you need to get over it real fast. The internet is not a safe space. Actually parent your children and stop asking everyone else–YouTube, the police, etc–to do your job for you.

      • And the fact that she refers to a YouTuber as a ‘legend’…no way is she even old enough to have kids who could be effected by this. ?

      • Dude, the fact that you got so wound up over a random internet comment (we’re suing now???) shows that you need to take your own advice & reevaluate some things. Chill out. ✌️?

  24. While I’ll agree that the video can do “harm” to unsuspecting children, allow me to add some context. First, the line spliced in is a quote from the TV show “Family Guy”. While I won’t deny that to the wrong audience this can do some damage, the intention of this video seems less malicious and more immature. Second, and more importantly, do you think your kids would see this video if, instead of plopping them in front of an iPad and ignoring them, you actually tried raising your kids? Because in terms of achieving goals, the maker of this video is the clear winner. All you absentee parents, ignoring the duties of raising your children by simply letting YouTube’s algorithm take over, then being annoyed that your kids find something inappropriate (on the internet of all places, nothing inappropriate there!) Something tells me this “evil” bearded man is enjoying the misplaced anger from lazy parents, just as he intended.

    • Oh, so it’s misplaced anger over some sicko targeting children through a children’s cartoon app…gotcha.

      The stupid never ceases to amaze me.?

      • Exactly right, parents who think commenting on a blog site will stop this “evil” from getting to their unsupervised kids is the height of stupidity. And again, the maker of the video is still laughing.

  25. His internet name is “Filthy Frank” also “Joji”. That clip of him is an excerpt used in many places. The internet and the preponderance of personal web-enabled devices, doled out to children of all ages to use unsupervised, is a more troublesome cultural tragedy from which we’ll never recover.

  26. XD that’s Filthy Frank he isn’t on YouTube anymore but his videos were aimed for an older mature audience and he did some green screen clips so they could be added to anything

  27. While I understand your concern you are missing information, this is a popular meme from a few years ago featuring a creator known as filthy Frank (he is now the musician joji). This wasn’t made as a serious instruction on how to end one’s life, it is an ironic and widely quoted joke. Just a joke and nothing more
    – yours truely, internet user.

  28. Why are moms and parents blaming Youtube??? You are the ones buying & putting smartphones, tablets & computers for your kids to use unattended everywhere… at home, in their rooms, at school, and everywhere else they go. You guys are also letting the TV, smartphones, tablets, computers, Youtube, Google, Instagram, Facebook, Hollywood, the Rap-Hip-Hop-Pop music industry, daycare workers… RAISE/teach/program/educate/instill moral values into your kids for 12-16 hours a day. You have chosen to focus on attaining more and more money to buy more and more stuff, more expensive stuff, bigger stuff, more and more technology, more vacations, more grown up toys… most all of which are not necessities… instead focusing on personally RAISing/teaching/programing/educating/instilling moral values to your children 16hrs outside school-24hrs weekends & holidays/7/365.

  29. Have you all heard of the Elsa and spiderman stuff on Youtube? VERY DISTurbing…lots of grooming —lots of nastiness

    • Heard about that nastiness a few years back. That’s when I ditched the YouTube kids app. PBS kids is much better. ?

    • I know right it’s just a joke today’s parents are WAY to serious they can’t even handle a meme joke on NORMAL YouTube the title is clickbait it’s not on kids filthy frank is hilarious

    • The issue is not whether an adult can handle offensive humour or not. The issue is that this ADULT humour doesn’t belong in the middle of a video on a CHILDREN’S app. How are you not understanding this?

  30. Okay, okay, let me set your minds at ease a bit:

    From my knowledge, that guy is from a channel called TVFilthyFrank (A channel never meant for kids, never posed as kids content and a channel that hasn’t posted anything in a year). What this is from is when Filthy Frank recorded a bunch of short clips in front of a green screen. What that is for is for other people to edit it into other videos as a joke. Although obviously, this particular one was done in bad taste, the intent was to put it in another video for dark humor or irony. This guy isn’t seriously trying to give kids advice on how to commit suicide. It’s not even for kids at all! Another person edited this particular clip in front of a cartoon and someone else assumed that because it’s in a video with a cartoon, that it’s for kids. That’s like saying Southpark is for kids because it’s a cartoon (something my gramdma actually freaked out about once, until we explained what it was)

    I’m pretty confident this will NOT end up on YouTube Kids. It’s very unlikely that some random person making edits on YouTube with copied content will make it to YouTube Kids.

    Not defending FilthyFrank. Can’t say I’m a fan, his humor can be explicitly “edgy” and dark. This one in particular is pretty tasteless. Keep your kids away from his vids and they’ll be fine.

    • Actually it DID end up on YouTube Kids. I recorded it and posted the recording. Now that you’ve reminded me I’ll add it to my blog post about the videos found on YouTube Kids.

      • You need to be mad at YouTube Kids and the parents who seem to trust it, even after the Elsagate situation, in which people dressed as Elsa, Spiderman and other characters portrayed things like violence, eating feces, child pregnancy and abortion, and other abhorrent things.

        It’s the fault of the parent if, after all of that, they think it’s safe to toss their kid their tablet or phone and walk off to do whatever, because the mobile babysitter will do their job for them.

      • Something that came to mind: are we sure this was on the official YouTube Kids app, or a knockoff version? YouTube is quite strict about what they show and how they rate things, but I could absolutely see this ending up on some knockoff app which is most likely not monitored.

        • Thanks for your question. I’m editing the original article to include my recording of the cartoon on the YouTube Kids app.

  31. its clearly a comedy video and suicide is not beyond what should and should not be joked about. Can’t believe you need this told to you. Hollywood does it all the time.

  32. honestly, if you’re so worried about kids having access to content like this. then you shouldnt be censoring it. instead you should be campaigning people to monitor their kids online. the internet never was, isnt, and never will be a save space. its one of the last bastions people can use to get thoughts and the content they create out there. if people want to make edgy content like this, let them make it. its not their job to protect your kids. its your job to protect your kids. should should parent them, not the internet

    • I do indeed educate parents about monitoring the content that their kids are exposed to but we also need to have appropriate content on platforms that are made for children, such as YouTube Kids. This was found there as well.

      • And the algorithm for youtube kids is flawed and can only keep so much out, meaning even on youtube kids you should still monitor what your kid is watching.

  33. I had no idea. This scares the hell outta me. Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. I’m very grateful. My kids are no longer watching YouTube Kids.

  34. So that guy is Filthy Frank who is an adult YouTuber who is actually left the platform to focus on music. His content is bizarre, dark, and has been “memed” across the internet and YouTube. He did a lot of his stuff in front of a green screen where people can edit and put him in their own videos which is why he ended up in this video. Not condoning the video editor putting that clip in a kids videos, but just explaining a bit of the context.

  35. We will not be watching YouTube Kids whatsoever with our grandson again and I’m considering not watching YouTube again period.

  36. Hi, I feel the need to explain that this isn’t the creator’s fault nor the man in the video’s. The fault is with youtube, the video you showed was something from a video game called Garry’s Mod, where people often create short films intended for mature audiences, the same goes for the video you showed. The man in the videos is a youtuber who is known for using extremely shocking, and offensive humor, however it is neither of these people’s fault, as youtube is the one responsible for what’s allowed on the kids app.

  37. You know, maybe children shouldn’t be on YouTube? Kids under 16 shouldn’t ever have unmonitored internet access (if that means no smartphone so be it). Don’t punish free speech over the action of kids. It would be like trying to ban South Park for its edgy humor because its art style can vaguely resemble a kid’s show.

    • I would agree with you if things like this stayed on adult platforms but it was on YouTube Kids as well.

  38. Was it even a kids show? The video looks like one of them GMod videos, which are always full of dark or crude humor.

  39. If you want to push blame on to something, please push blame on Google and YouTube themselves. They run their YouTube kids app with algorithms that are extremely exploitable. If you remember the whole Elsagate scandal, you will see that those same exploits exist and YouTube has done nothing. Going after a YouTuber who has since retired that whole series isn’t really going to do anything. All I can say is please look at what your kids are watching beforehand and block those channels that you don’t want them to watch because YouTube won’t admit that their way doesn’t work.

    • No one is going after FilthyFrank. The issue is that this adult clip was inserted into a kids cartoon, & made it’s way onto the YouTube kids app.

  40. I saw a video of a Daddy finger song. In it, there is a family on a boat, having a good time. The song continues, so if you aren’t watching the screen, you think it’s harmless. But then a bunch of sharks come and attack the family and rip them apart. Bloody. Body parts. NOT OK.

    • I just found a knock off Peppa Pig video with a robot trying to kill one of the children stuck inside the house. Then the rest of the family drives by and laughs. Later on the children are watching a scary movie, then they’re being chased by a vampire.

  41. There is not enough, if any, oversight on what kids post. We had a 12 year old post his own video giving away a new Xbox. He posted two phone numbers, his and a friends. One was a mistake. The parent works for the school district. Not enough parent oversight as well. Come on people, this is not the 60s. Take responsibility of your family. If you have to give some luxuries up then do it. Our children cannot raise each other, yes that’s correct. Kids today have too much time alone and use cell phones, electronics, and TV as a babysitter.

  42. Previously I approved YT kids for my children as being okay, but thanks for bringing these issues to the forefront. I’ll be taking a look at some of options we allow them to watch a little closer now.

  43. Screen what your kids watch before you just hand them an iPad and forget them the rest of the day. This isn’t YouTube’s or Filthy Franks fault, only your own or any other parent who’s child watched this video. After elsagate happened I’m not sure why you wouldn’t. This isn’t a children’s network like Disney or PBS anything can be edited for a small amount of time in videos. This is just another classic example of a parent not doing the steps they should’ve and then blaming someone else for it happening. Screen videos when your child is asleep, save them to a favorites playlist then just play the playlist when they want to watch. If you don’t want to do that, well, sit them in front of a tv.

    • As stated in my other blog posts these things are found on YouTube Kids as well, including this very cartoon. That is the problem.

  44. That is awful!! Thank goodness someone reported it! This is a outrage that someone would even think of that! The sinful nature of humans today we need a revival across this nation!!

  45. Since you are a mother and pediatrician, I understand your concern for this content being on the YouTube mirror, YouTube Kids, but you glazed over some important, and relevant, points that make this aarticle border on manufactured outrage.

    1) the “spliced” content in question is part of an exploitable video format that anyone can use. It has been on YouTube for several years now, and since the internet is forever, won’t disappear anytime soon.

    2) your definition of “meme” as per the Oxford dictionary is obsolete. Memes are an inherently evolving format, and while funny and humorous, can be incredibly dark, crude, and not for children. Please take that into account and monitor your children(s) activity online until they are older.

    3)Understand that normal YouTube gets between 5-8 hours of videos uploaded every SECOND. it’s humanly impossible for YouTube to police and filter out all the content uploaded. While computers do a good job at this, they can’t flag everything. YouTube kids gets at least 1/4 of that traffic, and since it’s a mirror, all of the videos there are also on YouTube. (i.e. all of the videos on YouTube kids are on YouTube, but the reverse is not true)

    4) the game of the recording of the video in question is Garry’s Mod, a game that can be highly modified by the community. Garry’s Mod videos, while some are high quality and well done, are notorious for containing adult jokes and crude humor. Why the video in question got onto YouTube kids? Because it contained Splatoon Content, which is family-friendly.

    5) if you’re so concerned about the well-being of your children, I suggest you just strip your kids of electronic devices in their entirety.
    There has been some research into a trend of teen depression from usage of these devices
    (READ ME: a good place to start is to search for and read the article – Generation Z Goes to Law School: Teaching and Reaching Law Students in the Post-Millennial Generation – it contains some very relevant information to this, especially on pages 20-35).
    While you are a medical professional and I am not, do not submit yourself to the appeal to Authority fallacy, search for and read the paper by L. P. Graham. Again, pay attention to the page ranges 20-35, they contain the most relevant information to this topic of conversation. Trust me, it’s not these videos at the root for the spike in self-harm among children.

    • I appreciate your response and I agree these videos are not the root of the spike in self-harm in children but they are definitely part of the problem. We need to be attacking this from all angles. Thank you for your stating your opinion respectfully. I will definitely look into your suggestions for reading further.

  46. My kids watch YouTube and they are onto gamers and you tubers that have high subscribers every time my kids search for something I get a notification on my phone letting me know all their activities on any site I have my oldest sons social media on my phone where I monitor it my daughter 2 watches kids YouTube and lives blippy and them videos that unwrap surprise toys maybe parents shouldn’t be worried about what is on YouTube but monitor it everyday

  47. Thank you Dr. Free for the information. Maybe we should all do some digital detoxing, spending time with our children instead of the electronics.

  48. Ok so this youtube channel was not a kids channel. Not all animations are for kids and you sure as heck would not let your kids watch family guy, but I wanna put the blame here on the app developers for youtube kids. This was not a kids channel!! Yet somehow it ended up on youtube kids! There has to be a system of process to let youtube channels on the kids app instead of automatically including them. This channel was filled with meme and cuss words that targeted the Splatoon fandom that does include A LOT of adults, this is not a channel for kids to be watching, and we shouldn’t blindly put anger towards filthy frank (the man in the video) for making a meme or the channel for making content that is “tame” for the internet, but on the lack of a system of checks and balances on youtubes kids app. Most of all, we need to monitor the content our kids watch. I know a lot of parent’s aren’t ” internet culture” savvy, but don’t throw stones blindly or we will never solve this issue.

    • While I understand what your saying Melody, I do believe that what this YouTuber posted weather it be adults only and slipped through the cracks to a kids channel has no relevance. The fact the Filthy Frank posted it in the first place is the main issue. Frank is a full grown man and knows better than to post stuff like especially since he’s a person that people look up too, the content saying ok kids cut long ways or whatever is not right there are still adults even that are easily persuaded. No content like this should ever regardless of who its intended for this is simply not appropriate for any viewer. My advice is for those who ACTUALLY WANT to see stuff like this SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION NOW! Just know I’m not judging you I’d just like you to know that you DO NEED MEDICAL HELP. To all the kids that watch that and may read what I’m saying here. Please never try or even think about committing suicide, just know that someone out there does love you and is thinking about you i.e. me even if I dont know, I DON’T want you to try this or to commit suicide so please ignore videos like this and let an adult know about it. GOD BLESS AND GOD LOVES YOU REGARDLESS KIDS.

  49. This is an amazing story, Dr. Hess! I am a pediatrician, too, and am hearing about this all around me in the community where I work. Thank you so much for your tireless efforts to unearth this very real safety risk and bring it to all of our attention!

  50. I personally choose to discuss these things with my children, if it is to come up. So far we haven’t experienced it… You realize that you cant hide them from everything? kids in school even tell other kids to kill themselves. Like I said, I choose to use this as a discussion topic with my child, so they know they can come to me if they ever have issues like this arise. I wont hide them from it, or block youtube kids. I was raised without electronics and I still had suicidal thoughts, anxiety, depression, because my mother refused to believe or listen to me… TALK to your kids about the real world people… Or they wont be prepared. some people think parents who give their kids electronics are lazy, I think parents who don’t want to be honest and talk things out with theirs, and hide it instead, is lazy. Ill raise my kid how I want, ill decide what is or isn’t appropriate for her. thanks.

  51. So, I’m not sure if my last comment got deleted or not, but so must say, you can’t just put a kid infront of a tablet or a computer and expect them to not find inappropriate content. YouTube isn’t a child-friendly website/service, and I know there’s a kid’s YouTube, but you can’t expect the filtering algorithm to be able to detect everything. As an 11th grader who juggles school, sports, a job, family, friends, and my relationship with Christ, I understand that life can be very busy and you can’t spend all of your time with your children, but even my parents in 2009 knew that YouTube was unsafe for kids. Whenever you have time or don’t have time, don’t have TV, games, or whatever you put infront of them babysit them, instead, spend time with them in their endeavors in their hobbies or actually get a babysitter. I hope this comment helps you understand, and don’t blame the creators what is your responsibility.

  52. This is terrible on two accounts; the fact that YouTube KIDS had this video available and the fact that so many adults on this thread don’t know how to read that the video was on YOUTUBE KIDS!!!!!!

  53. Thank you, Dr Hess for all you are doing to protect our kids! I am inspired and impressed by your focus and unwavering goal to keep kids safe.

  54. I’m not arguing that it didnt happen, but what I think will happen next, is this YouTuber ( Filthy Frank ) will say it was nothing more than a social experiment in a way to see if parents were watching their kids close enough to catch this before their kids watch and I’m sure he’ll go on to say If he Thought that any of these kids would’ve actually done it that he wouldn’t have even done this. I would just like to say you heard it from me First. I would also like to say and excuse my language but F*** this guy he’s a piece of S*** who needs to be prosecuted BEYONDTHE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW!!!!! At the very least he needs to serve a very very long prison sentence for saying this to kids and if any kids have been hurt then he needs the electric chair….

  55. With all of the legit cartoons on YouTube Kids, this mother picked a video made in GMOD (Garry’s Mod) by an anonymous source to show their kid instead. The channel this was from was for adults. Blame Google or YouTube proper for misrepresenting the video, but the content creator should be left alone. Also, on the internet it is better for your children if you screen the content first, not just plop them down in front of a video, find out its inappropriate for them, then start throwing blame everywhere else.

  56. the person in the video is a comedian who is edgy and for adults the person that made the video isnt the same person. should’ve thought about that before potentially destroying this person career or hobby.

  57. Last thoughts on the matter because I’m just trying to make sure we’re all on the same page:
    – This is not the fault of the man DEPICTED in the video, Filthy Frank. His footage from his “edgy” YouTube account was reused by someone else. I have and still do enjoy his content so I hate seeing uninformed people try to attack him over this.
    – YouTube needs to fix their platform and hire human moderators until the algorithm can do the same or a better job at it. YouTube’s only problem is moderation. If they fix how they police videos and handle violators, the ad revenue will come back, customers will return, and YouTube will be awesome again.
    – If you’re a parent why the hell aren’t you putting your kids in front of PBS Kids? I never had YouTube or ANYTHING LIKE IT back in the early to mid 2000’s. It just sounds like common sense. If you’re going to sit your kids in front of a mobile screen, get them learning. Even YouTube Kids is too unstable for actual child use at this point. USE.?P.?B.?S.?

  58. With all due respect if you’re dense enough to leave your kids alone on the internet or naive enough to trust that what they’re consuming or what they can access on the internet is wholesome you are the problem. Do the world a favor and actually parent your kids instead of giving them a phone. Youtube is a company who’s primary objective is to disrupt traditional media through the internet in a effort to gain market control, and because of that they have a quality control issue that traditional network programming does not. Be smart.

  59. This is absolutely pathetic. That came from Filthy Frank, a YouTuber who made their videos for entertainment, and the description to their channel can be summarized “Everything a person shouldn’t be”. I get what you’re saying to an extent, but this is sad. I get that suicide and self harm is a serious issue, but you’re getting upset over a meme video, and there are other things to be worrying about, but not this.

  60. Hell, even on YouTube kids, parents should STILL monitor the content. You’re really getting this upset over an edgy joke made by a guy who’s YouTube content was about sarcasm. PA?THE?TIC?

  61. If you are going to attack anyone, attack the channel. Do not attack the man in the clip, as he has done nothing wrong whatsoever. In his videos and channel, he makes it clear that his content is NOT for children. This is mentioned multiple times. But, please go after the channel, if you will. Even though it says that some of it’s content may not be suitable for younger audiences. I believe we should be able YouTube. The fact that it let’s this kind of content slip through is entirely by YouTube, and it’s not the creator’s fault. As they have stated, their filtering system is not perfect and some things may slip through. So please don’t go on crying about the channel or creators, because the blood is on YouTube’s hands.

  62. I can’t believe they added Splatoon characters. Anything but that. I love the games, but that is just disgusting. GMOD, used properly, can help make some really cool animations, but, abused, can make appalling content.

  63. Interesting but I would like to point out a few things that you glossed over.

    Firstly the clip you showed is from a re-upload from a channel that doesn’t even exist anymore. The original video was uploaded by The Yellowist before he deleted his channel after 2 years of running it due to hate comments, whoever re-uploaded it simply wanted to preserve the video in its original form from the deleted channel. As of now, there are a few channels that have archived most if not all of The Yellowist videos.

    Secondly, the man in question that appeared in the clip was Filthy Frank. He is well known for his meme status and being a respectable member of the YouTube community for his over the top videos. He even made a bunch of green screen videos so other content creators can use those clips of him and use them in their own videos for more or less comedy and satire (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiEL0l0mgw5WeJt71NHJgkOcgX5B-VyZa). He also plays a character which is a very important thing to bring up as outside his videos he doesn’t act the way he presents himself. So with that, all said looking back at the clip it is clearly a joke. I’ve heard a few claims that this re-upload has surfaced on YouTube Kids but that’s not the uploader’s fault, its the algorithm. The video’s that The Yellowist made were clearly not made for a younger audience but instead for an older demographic.

    Finally, I would just like to say that this is beyond ridiculous and I hope that you have an open mind and really think about the clip in question with context. Feel free to do some more research yourself as you seem to just take it at face value and not dig deeper.

    Tl;DR The clip shown is a joke and the video in question is not for kids. It’s also not the uploader’s decision to put the video in YouTube Kids, its the algorithm that does that. The person shown is Filthy Frank which is a character and should be treated as such.

    • I might agree with you if this was the only inappropriate video finding it’s way onto YouTube Kids. But it’s not. Feel free to do some more research yourself as you seem to not read much before commenting. Thanks.

      • I actually agree with him. It’s not the uploader’s job to push the video to YouTube Kids, that’s the algorithm. I think maybe the only one to blame here is YouTube themselves. Again, USE.?P.?B.?S.? If you think YouTube Kids is safe for kids, you need to do your research. It’s not. You should always use a single verified content provider. Common sense.

      • Why does the number of videos have anything to do with whether or not it is being directed towards children? The people who made the videos aren’t to blame, YouTube’s broken algorithms are.

  64. Ok, look doctor. You know whose fault it is that your kid saw this? YOURS. I don’t care whether it’s on Youtube or Youtube Kids — both are, at the end of the day, open-source platforms. You’re a very well-educated woman and YOU SHOULD KNOW THIS. There is no way on earth to prevent some jerks from inserting inappropriate content into an open-source platform. None. Just because the platform slaps the word “kids” on the end does not automatically render it safe and wholesome for kids, because it’s still open-source. The only thing you’ve “proved” here is that jerks exist. Who knew?

    If you don’t want your kids inadvertently exposed to potentially edgy or off-color things, then you either 1.) carefully and specifically curate their channels/videos online; or 2.) stop using Youtube altogether and sit them in front of real cartoons from real studios. In other words, play content that you have to pay for.

    Because you know what? If you want content that is fast and free, then you don’t get a guarantee that it’s also good. Fast, cheap, good — you can only have two of these things at once. So if you want to ensure that the content is wholesome, then bite the bullet and pay for quality content. You can afford it.

    Stop blaming everyone else for YOUR oversight, stop inciting ridiculous mass hysteria (this reminds me of the “subliminal messaging” hysteria of the ’80’s and ’90’s), and nut up as a parent. It’s not the world’s job to insulate your child; it’s yours.

    • OK, look Kendra. Firstly you should really read before you comment. My child did not see this since she has no access to YouTube or YouTube Kids. This was someone else’s child. I would think you’d pay a bit more attention to details. Certain professions usually pride themselves on details… and professionalism. Hmmm…

  65. It’s been proven time and time again that the content on YouTube shouldn’t be viewed by children. But of course dumb parents sit the down on there devices thinking “oh it has a kids friendly app! This is good for my rugrat” maybe just use Netflix kids or something? That has ratings and is more like TV than YouTube

    All you “let me speak to your manager” soccer mom’s don’t realize that YouTube and YouTube kids both share the same parent site and several non child friendly videos appear in the Algorithm and slip into YouTube kids it’s because of your poor parenting we have to suffer that our site is being bleached for your little brats.

  66. Oh my god, I found this.
    This is an awful approach, you’re killing this guys inspiration to keep pushing on with youtube and being happy. You people whine about stuff that SHOULDN’T BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY, and you got the news to talk about it killing this guy’s inspiration- no wait, CRUSHING it. Now he’s going to be seen as a bad person. Stop this nonsense and let him be happy.

  67. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Filthy Frank is a joke-channel. It is not serious suicide-advice. If you let your kid watch this then you are the bad person. As a parent you have to take responsibility and not be a fascist that doesn’t let people post some edgy humor. Yeeet.

  68. This is appalling. I’m hoping the arstechnica article makes law enforcement pay attention. Whoever the guy is who walks on stage needs to be ID’d along with those doing the splicing. This is horrific. I’ve read about #elsagate in depth and it’s seriously heinous. This is serial killer level badness. Thanks for alerting YouTube and other parents.
    -mom to a very techie 8 year old

  69. Yeah complain about the videos being up instead of, y’know being a responsible parent and monitoring your kids activity on the internet

  70. As a mom & a pediatrician, THANK YOU for informing us all of these unexpected findings on YouTube & YouTube kids! As parents, we try our hardest to monitor any/all content to which our children may be/are exposed, & to have clips inserted into ANY programs is downright dirty & appalling! Having recently attended the funeral of one of my son’s 8th grade classmates, who committed suicide, it makes me wonder if she was exposed to such content – encouraging self harm, and for her to kill herself. She was 13y/o, extremely talented, & NO ONE saw it coming. Children are our future, & it is up to us, as adults, whether or not we are parents, to be diligent, prudent, & PROTECT these young minds from such content! #YouTubeWakeUp #ProtectOurKids #ParentsDemandAction

  71. I love how a bunch of people without kids blame parents for not monitoring what their kids are watching. I would be monitoring what my kids are watching if I let them watch a children’s video on YouTube Kids. If this were spliced in and my child saw it, it would not be because I wasn’t monitoring what my kids are watching. If my kid were randomly watching regular YouTube, then it would be my fault.

  72. “Anyone wanna argue that it’s not happening? Anybody?”
    Considering there was literally zero evidence to support the claim until this very blog you really can’t blame anyone for suggesting it was fake news. These allegations have existed for well over a year now to my knowledge. I myself sat with my youngest watching videos with him on YTK, hundreds if not thousands of videos to no witness of said splicing content. On February 22 I literally made a post calling it out demanding evidence of it. I do thank you for being the only one to actually show the video title and the content instead of running with “I deleted the app in panic, yada yada.” Such is the reason many refused to believe it was true. The end result was always the same. “No, I don’t know, because whatever.” leaving no evidence to be found. I would ask that if you have any evidence of the many other claims I as well as many others would certainly appreciate the reveals. Although, of course, this one is the most common spoken of.

    • “On February 22 I literally made a post calling it out demanding evidence of it.”

      On February 28th I am making a post calling you out and demanding that you stop making demands. Please refer back to this post if you feel the urge to make further demands.

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  74. I can’t wait for the next person to explain what a meme is, or who the Youtuber is, or to give their jagass opinion of parental responsibility, or any number of other things that are tangentially related, completely unrelated, or just utter nonsense.

  75. I’m curious what your current take on the MoMo challenge existing within the YouTube Kids Channel is? I’ve recently opened a dialogue about it on a local crime forum and majority opinion seems to be hoax. I’ve provided a link to your blog, the closest proof I can find so far but it seems that more naysayers comment than not, and that in itself is frustrating. I feel it’s important to inform and educate so I’m not giving up.

    Do you have any advice or links to other useful sources?

  76. Thanks for this. I’m deleting YouTube kids as I write this. I will see if Netflix kids content can be the sole choice when my granddaughter opens it on her tablet. What a repulsive state of affairs. The only good thing is it opened my eyes to be more aware and diligent in every part of my granddaughter’s innocent life. Thanks so much!

  77. Thank you for your vigilance in keeping our children safe. We appreciate you and your hard work!!!!!

  78. Using the hashtags #YouTubeWakeUp and #ProtectOurKids, Hess has been urging YouTube to take problematic material down — and quickly. “They’re much, much better at taking down flagged material on YouTube Kids than they are on YouTube itself,” Hess noted to TODAY Parents. “We work to ensure the videos in YouTube Kids are family-friendly and take feedback very seriously,” a YouTube spokesperson told TODAY Parents in an email. “We appreciate people drawing problematic content to our attention and make it possible for anyone to flag a video.

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